🧱How These Old Bricks Became A Better Investment Than Gold Ones!

Growing up, Lego was a real staple in my household. We would sit for hours on end playing. Totally uninterrupted as we focused on building our colourful mini-towns, fortresses, automobiles and all sorts of other things. The beauty about this game is that you could knock it all down and start over. However many times you want. The possibilities were endless and it let our imaginations run wild. But apart from it being one of my favourite childhood games, it has also been a stellar investment and has even outshined gold!

The sets that were produced between 1987 and 2015 have experienced an annual return of 11% over the 28-year period! Both the yellow metal as well as the stock market all have some form of volatility built into them. The kind that we’re experiencing right now! But it looks like these oldie Lego sets have been way more stable and have risen in value way quicker, too. 

Photo by Alphacolor on Unsplash


But these aren’t just any old set. They’ve got to be unopened. If they’ve been opened and tempered with, then say goodbye to those steamy returns! As it turns out, the most expensive sets that are currently trading on the handy-dandy second-hand market are boxed editions of the original Millennium Falcon from Star Wars that are listed for $1,500 or a vintage Taj Magal for up to $2,000 (worth more than an ounce of gold!) You got any of those lying around?! Time to get digging! 

Sadly, we didn’t purchase any originals. Nor did we buy any of those sorts of character sets. Apart from a Harry Potter-themed one. While I must say I’m a little bummed we don’t have these sets around, I think while some things are great for collecting purposes others (like our Lego sets) are meant for pure enjoyment. How boring would it have been if we would have kept our one and only themed set unopened and untouched? Of course, back then we didn’t actually know which sets would take off and which ones wouldn’t. It would be a gamble of sorts. And is it really worth it?

Hope ‘n Pray! 

I used to keep random things all boxed up in the hope that one day they could be worth something. From old watches to random Disney things. But that’s ridiculous. If I don’t get to enjoy it (or give it to someone else to enjoy) then what’s the point? It’ll just be gathering dust. And there’s no guarantee that it’ll be gathering returns, too! So not only will I have missed out on all that fun but I will have had the double-whammy of not being able to sell it for some good buck. 

I remember being so upset years later, after I had thrown out my Tamagotchi (those electronic pet toys). I mean, what if they’re now worth a fortune?! And I had just binned them. Well, I had a look on ebay and the most expensive one (with all the packaging an all) was going for ÂŁ637.00. To console myself, I knew I had threw out all the packaging the minute it arrived. And I got playing with it a second later. I enjoyed my electric pet and then gave it away. Many, many years later. So no use crying about that! 

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

Though I do have a Nintendo DS i XL that’s in pretty dandy condition. I have several games with it including a Harry Potter one, of course! It’s still intact with its pouch along with its recharger and the two stylus’ that came with it. Don’t get too excited. They’re not fetching more than 50 quid on ebay. Oh well. But I used it. I enjoyed it. And I’ve still got it. And boy am I glad I do!  

So, if you just so happen to have a Lego set stashed away – that was boxed between those crucial 28 years (1987-2015), you could be sitting on a nice pile of cash! But, if like me, you’ve already opened up every single one of your sets, don’t worry. It means you’ve enjoyed them and have made countless memories. 

As my cousin tells me, you can’t keep everything closed in the hope that one of your precious things might (or might not) go up in value. You’ve gotta live and enjoy your stuff. Cause that’s what games are for. For playing with! Not staring at between a layer of plastic. And lots of dust. 

So get playing. That’s what toys are for.

Disclaimer: This blog is not investment or financial advice. It is my opinion only. This blog is not a personal recommendation to buy/sell any security, or to adopt any such investment strategy. Always do your own research before you commit to any investment.