🛍️What’s Your Money Really there for? To Spend!

You’re probably thinking what on earth have I gobbled up to make me say such a crazy thing. But really, think about. Why are we needing and wanting money? So that we can buy things! From a home (shelter) to food (nourishment) to clothes (well, yeah – no need to explain that one!). But beyond these necessities, money is there for us to use. Not to be stored in one’s bank account for an entire lifetime never to be not touched. That would simply be too sad. 

We spend most our lives exchanging our time for money. Yet we often end up missing out on so many things in life because we’re working. But what’s the point in working most your adult life, or working at all, if you can’t even enjoy the fruits of your labour!

We work hard. And we should be able to let ourselves play hard. At least every once in a while. If not, burnout will be coming for ya and trust me, then you’ll find it harder and harder to get to that finish line. You know the one. 

What's Your Money Really there for? To Spend!
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There’s always something, somewhere that’s screaming for your money! Be it a broken boiler (and boy do those things not come cheap), a car repair or some other random expense that decides to rear its expensive head. You see where I’m going with this.

If you never spent your money and enjoyed yourself you’d be waiting forever cause there’s always something that needs attention. The money sort. And when you have kids and they grow up, the costs will mount. Kids are always needing something else right?! So spend when you can. Read here all about the paradox of spending, why we get most joy when we can least afford it!

Spend now – and later! It’s no trade-off

If you aren’t enjoying your money now, I promise you the journey to financial freedom will be miserable, boring and downright hard. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And money can do that. It’s time we make spending money on ourselves, and those we love, a priority. Just like you budget for bills, budget for breaks. It’s so important and it’ll spur you on. Making you work harder and you’ll also appreciate the time off. Cause we all work too hard. 

But if you don’t enjoy the road to making money, I hate to break it to you you won’t be enjoying the money. We have to learn to enjoy our journey as much as the destination. Often the thrill of giving it your all for a certain goal feels 1000X better than smashing the goal itself.

What's Your Money Really there for? To Spend!
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Though coming someone who loves investing and is a bit of a personal finance nerd, I have a really hard time splashing out for the sake of splashing out. And I overthink my purchases. All the time. But I remind myself it’ll be way sweeter now than in 10 years time. Read here why if you can’t spend now you never will and how that’s a bigger problem than you think!

Enjoy everything in moderation

But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I know that spending £1,000 on a holiday is fun now but if invested, that could literally be worth £10k at some point. So this £1k holiday is starting to seem costly!

This is how I think. Call me crazy but it works for me. Though funny I mention it – my friends and I are planning a huge trip to South East Asia! It’ll cost a pretty penny *Dinah chokes on her tea* but it’ll be worth it. Live while we’re young, right??

I just don’t go over the top because I know I could either have my moola now and splash it out (trust me, I’m already coming up with 10+ cities I’m dying to visit with Dubrovnik being up there but one at a time!) or I could have more later on. I’ll choose the latter, thanks.

But doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself now! I most definitely do. Except I do it all within my means.

What's Your Money Really there for? To Spend!
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It’s so important to have something you enjoy spending on since t’ll motivate you and although we’re all (mostly) grown-up, rewards can be wonderful.

They make you feel good and can make you want to work harder.

Personally, I love tech and am a bit of an Apple addict. This laptop I’m typing on and the earphones in my ears (and the phone I’m *not* glancing at!) were all bought within the last two years. Along with my Apple watch that I can’t live without. I sold mine a year ago and realised I couldn’t live without so I upgraded to a new model. Regret? Gone. My wrist? Happy with its new candy.

It’s all about moderation. Don’t overdo it either way

I know plenty of people who save every penny. They’re frugal and can’t bring themselves to treat themselves. On literally anything. That’s a shame. No one wants to be a miserable so-and-so. You also might wanna discuss all this with your other half! (Read here why you must talk money before marriage, make sure you’re both on the same page.)

And saving every penny will have that effect. You know me, I love investing. But if I’d invest everything I could, I’d have no money left to do the things I enjoy like a trip to theatre or buying some (slightly) overpriced face creams. 

But I’ve gotta remember that personal finance is just that. It’s so personal. What works for me might not (and probably won’t) work for you. But that’s okay!

What's Your Money Really there for? To Spend!
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You’ve gotta do what’s best for you and for some (like a friend of mine) it’s about following the concept of abundance. She tells me how if you think plentiful, you’ll manifest it.

She finds that spending on a swanky car while renting a chic apartment helps her make more money. She feels better, happier, healthier and this propels success.

And as we all know, success breeds success. She spends (proportionally) way more than me but that’s fine. 

But if you aren’t spending at all, maybe it’s time to look into that. You might find you feel loads better and way more productive after an out-of-the-blue, unplanned treat. You deserve it. 

Money is there to be used. And to be spent.

Make sure that on your road to financial freedom and independence, you don’t lose sight of what it’s really there for. 

So go out and enjoy life.

Don’t forget to loosen those purse strings of yours every once in a while. Very much talking to myself here.

You’ll be amazed at what kinda joy it can unlock. 

Go on, try it. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not investment or financial advice. It is my opinion only. This blog is not a personal recommendation to buy/sell any security, or to adopt any such investment strategy. Always do your own research before you commit to any investment