đź’°5 of the Simplest and Most Underrated ways You can Start Making Money right Now

We all want to make some extra cash. Whether it’s to invest it, spend it or save it. Well, I hope you’re planning on doing the first! Whatever stage of life you’re at, if you’re a student or already in the workforce, some extra cash is always welcome, especially with inflation the level it’s *still* at!

So, I’ve been having a look at different avenues of how we can earn some money and I’ve brought you my top 5 ideas. I’ve tried and tested them all at uni so I’ll give you my tips and tricks.

I will warn you, each and every one of them requires effort – and time – but you know what they say, nothing comes easily! 

Enjoy the process of making your very own money outside of a 9-to-5 and you never know, you could land yourself your very own side hustle. But you gotta be patient.

#1 Sell stuff you no longer use

We all have way too much stuff. It’s the curse of the modern-day world. Everything seems to becoming more and more disposable these days first it was cups now it’s clothes but we still seem to have more “stuff” than ever before. So much stuff not only clutters your cupboard but your mind too. Clear space = clear mind.

So why don’t you sort through the many piles of stuff and see what you can flog! Back in the day, there was only eBay to go to if you wanted to sell second-hand things. Since then, so many more have cropped up from Vinted to Depot. There’s really no excuse now!

One man’s rubbish is another’s treasure! Also, with all these price hikes left right and centre, you’re bound to find someone in need of some stuff. Plus, everyone loves a bargain. Even the rich folk, I promise you! So spend a solid few hours sorting through all that stuff of yours. I guarantee that you’ll stumble across a whole bunch of goodies you never even knew you had! 

5 of the Simplest and Most Underrated ways to Start Making Money right Now
Photo by John Ray Ebora on Pexels.com

Remember, anything you’re not using is not only collecting dust and cluttering up your place, but it’s wasted money. Pure and simple, So, put that money to good use and get selling! Tip: if you’re struggling to know whether to keep or sell, ask yourself when you used it last. If the answer is ‘I can’t remember’ – sell it!

#2 Start writing online 

Think the online world is way too saturated? Well, think again. There are millions and millions of people out there roaming the pages of the world wide web. Every single hour Google receives 63,000 searches (I found this handy stat on Google itself) which means there’s a whole lot of audiences to go around.

Every single person thinks differently. Crazy, right? With over 7 billion people on this planet there are no shortages of opinions. We all have different outlooks and perspectives on things. There is no one-size-fits all. Which is why putting yourself out there through your writing can be a real game-changer.

No, it’s not going to give you six figures anytime soon. And it may never give you that. But here’s what it can give you: a newfound voice you never knew you had; a chance to tell your story; to inspire and teach. And, you may end up making some money but here’s the thing, if you’re only in it for the Big Buck you’ll lose steam very, very quickly.

đź’°5 of the Simplest and Most Underrated ways to Start Making Money right Now
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here’s the thing, we all have that something that makes us unique. So, tap into it to uncover your true potential. 

#3 Get freelancing 

Now that you’ve built your online presence and you’ve shown the world what you’re all about, you can start freelancing.

When you go about freelancing for companies, stick to the areas you know best. If there’s something you’re really competent in and enjoy (the most important part), why not start reaching out to people you know that are already in your network and see whether you could be a fit for them – and help them out.

During uni, freelancing was my go-to gig for some extra cash and the great thing about it is that if you’re really really good, you’ll get a whole load of recommendations. I found it to be a lot of word of mouth. The good, old-fashioned way. So, make a stellar impression, demonstrate your passion and you’ve got yourself a part-time gig! 

5 of the Simplest and Most Underrated ways to Start Making Money right Now
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#4 Sell your services 

We all have something to offer. Whether you’re a photographer in your spare time, love baking or teaching, there’s always someone out there that wants – and needs – those services of yours. Start by telling your families and friends. They’ll be your biggest cheerleaders. Once you’ve done a great job for them, your work will spread through word of mouth.

But if you’re finding this just isn’t cutting it, start your own Instagram biz account (which is totally free btw) and showcase your work! You could always create a website for yourself (again, this is all totally free) so that you have a landing page and contact details – basically making it super easy for people to reach out to you.

#5 Invest in yourself 

Investing in yourself is the best and most rewarding investment you’ll ever make. You are your best asset so work at it and it’ll work for you. It all starts with small, daily changes not one-off random acts of awesomeness.

I love this quote from James Clear in his book Atomic Habits who puts it perfectly: “Success is the product of daily habits not once-in-a-lifetime transformations”. Read here how to master these 5 simple habits to upgrade your finances in less than 1 year.

Three areas you could start with are: health, fitness and finance. Health is wealth and if you don’t feel your 100% you will not be able to give 100%. 

Ditch those Macs and fries for humble veggies and don’t neglect the power of water. Drink loads. It’ll keep you refreshed and works wonders for your body (and skin!). After all, our bodies are 60% water.

5 of the Simplest and Most Underrated ways to Start Making Money right Now
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

The real deal

Here’s the thing with money-making, apart from selling your old junk, the rest take time, effort and consistency. But they’re way more sustainable!

C’mon, there’s only so much stuff you’ll be prepared to give away. Soon you’ll be left with nada. But most of us just give up when we’re not seeing results. 

You will be amazed at how much more you’ll be able to accomplish if you simply quit being impatient and learn to love the process.

Nothing worthwhile ever came easily. If you work for it you’ll appreciate it. Patience teaches you to be grateful and a little more humble. 

So, let’s become a little more patient. It’ll expand our minds and eventually our banks accounts.

Disclaimer: This blog is not investment or financial advice. It is my opinion only. This blog is not a personal recommendation to buy/sell any security, or to adopt any such investment strategy. Always do your own research before you commit to any investment.