🛍️How I Saved Myself £350+ (including Freebies) by becoming a Refund Rebel and How You could, too!

While we’ve got inflation going on that’s overstaying its welcome, its nasty sister is companies who choose not to raise prices but instead give us a quality that’s worse! Pick your poison.

Either way, the refund rebel in me has been kept on its toes lately as everything from delivery times to general quality has been going downhill. I bet you can relate! 

When I buy something and it doesn’t meet my expectations (which is happening way too often!) that’s when the refund rebel in me really starts to rebel.

I’ve got loads of examples of this but I’ll give you some recent ones of orders that went slightly wrong and how the company fixed it! You know what they say ‘if you don’t ask you’ll never get’.

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Most of us will just begrudgingly accept the poor service. We don’t even try to do anything about it. But I urge you to become a refund rebel! If something doesn’t meet your expectations, get in contact with the company.

If you’re tight on time, start by dropping them an email explaining the problem and ask how you can be compensated. But I find calling their customer service always results in much swifter action but I will warn you that this takes a while.

Since the pandemic, most of these call centres have shrunk in size. There’s fewer staff so it takes much longer to connect to someone. But it’s worth a try. 

Don’t be so afraid to ask. Worse case you’ll get a no, or get ignored. Not much too lose! Apart from your precious of course.

Here’s 3 recent examples of how I saved money and even got some freebies simply by getting in touch with the company and telling them I wasn’t happy with the service/item.

Psst: these were all in the past 6 months! I’ve probably saved myself £350+ and that includes freebies!

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#1 Incorrect item – I ordered a plant. I decided I needed some greenery (and some oxygen, obvs) in my room. When it arrived, they sent my the wrong size plant.

So sadly my new little green friend didn’t fit into its new home which I paid a tenner for.

I sent them an email with a pic for some evidence! They apologised for sending the wrong size plant and had me a new one sent within a few days!

#2 Order delayed – I paid £5.99 for next delivery. I hardly ever do this but I needed the dress ASAP.

My order got delayed and it arrived 2 days later. So, they refunded me the delivery plus gave me a 10% voucher code to use on my next order (sale items included!).

#3 Gift wrapping – I ordered a beauty set for my mum and wanted it gift wrapped so I paid a few quid for that. But when it arrived it wasn’t gift wrapped.

The card was there minus the bows and whatnot. So, I got in touch and voiced my concern to which they apologised and refunded my entire order!! Super generous, I know. Lucky me! 

No one likes receiving a something that just doesn’t live up to what you’ve paid for and what you think you’re getting. Remember that companies wanna keep their customers happy! 

If you don’t get you don’t get. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for a cheeky bit of compensation! You’ll be pleasantly. Surprised.

Go on, release your inner refund rebel and enjoy the rewards. 

Disclaimer: This blog is not investment or financial advice. It is my opinion only. This blog is not a personal recommendation to buy/sell any security, or to adopt any such investment strategy. Always do your own research before you commit to any investment


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